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From the moment they get down on one knee to the moment you both officialize your marriage with an “I do,” you will be be toasted many times in celebration. For the majority of these occasions, you will be the one responsible for choosing the type of wine that will be served, primarily for your rehearsal and wedding, which can be a difficult decision to make.

Your wedding will be a representation of the love between you and the person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with, so every detail from the color of the decorations to the types of flowers arranged in your bouquet will be based off of your personal taste. Yes, you will have a diverse group of people in attendance – some that will share your tastes and others that will not – but, at the end of the day, what’s important is that you are happy.

This applies to your choice of wine as well. Start off with what you and your fiancé prefer and then build from there. The average cost of supplying a wedding with an attendance of 200 people typically has a price tag of $6,000, so, while you want to make sure you are choosing wines that you like, there is benefit in choosing easy drinking wines that the majority will be receptive to.


If you prefer red wines, including a New World pinot noir in your selection is a great choice. They are typically fruit-forward wines, which makes them palatable by most wine-lovers. They also have a decent amount of acid and smooth tannic structures, which means that they are easily paired with various food options.

My recommendations: Try the Meomi Pinot Noir or Bel Glos Pinot Noir.


If you prefer white wines, consider including wines of a light, aromatic style in your selection. Similar to a New World pinot noir, these types of wine are easy on the palate to sip by themselves and feature enough acidity to pair with a variety of food.

My recommendations: Try the Waitrose Fairtrade Chenin Blanc 2015.

Now that you’ve chosen the right wine for your wedding day, here are some tips for serving it:

Serve it at the correct temperature.

The time of year should not affect the temperature of the wine. White wines should be served on ice, while red wines will be better with a little time spent in a fridge before being served. Temperature control is important, so ensure that red wines are served at around 55 degrees while white wines are served somewhere in the high 40s.

Don’t pour with a heavy hand.

Many think the bigger the pour the better, but at classier events such as weddings, keep the pours to a minimum. Serve guests enough to keep them satisfied, while also ensuring the wine doesn’t get warm in their glasses.

I hope this helps you feel confident when saying “I do” to your wedding wine selection!