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Wine Tasting Terms: The Sweet Level

As the heat of summer descends into the briskness of fall, there is nothing more satisfying than cozying up outside with a glass of your favorite wine. For wine lovers looking to soak up as much of the beautiful weather as possible, a fun activity to do as a group is exploring the local vineyards. […]

Wine Tasting Terms: The Fruit Level

Every drop of wine that hits your tastebuds is just as delectable as the last drop. You know what flavor profiles you prefer, but what do you say to someone who asks you to describe what makes you love a certain wine? Saying you have an affinity towards bold, dry wine is a good start, […]

Train Your Palate: A Wine Tasting Experiment You Can Do At Home

Have you ever heard a fellow wine lover talk about how they can pick out distinct flavors when they drink wine, whether that is picking up on notes of strawberries or hints of lemon? You might know which ones are more palatable for you specifically, but you may feel bitter knowing you can’t pick out […]