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When faced with the task of putting together a spread, your mind immediately begins crawling through options to find the most delectable combination of food. If you find that you are ever having a difficult time deciding on a perfect pairing, think back to the classics. And what pairing compliments each other better than wine and cheese?

What makes wine and cheese so satisfying, aside from how enticing the flavors are on the tastebuds, is that the portion sizes are accommodating to any occasion. Did you have a long, exhausting week and need an evening to unwind with Netflix and quality ‘you’ time? Make yourself a plate with your favorite type of cheese and pour yourself a glass of wine that truly enhances its flavor. Or are you responsible for bringing a small plate to a friend’s party? Pick up a variety of cheeses and grab a few bottles of wine and arrange a cheese board.

The Relationship Between Wine And Cheese

You know that wine and cheese pair perfectly together, but do you know why? Wine and cheese, as they are defined by your palate, are complete opposites. Wine is very acidic, while cheese is very fatty. In the case of wine and cheese, opposites do really attract. The fatty proteins from the cheese are actually scraped off of the tongue by the acids and tannins in wine, making it the optimal palate-cleanser.

Now that you have a better understanding of why wine and cheese pair so perfectly together, here are the best wine and cheese combinations to try for ideal flavor:

Fruity + Creamy

If you love rich, creamy cheeses like brie, you are undoubtedly a person who appreciates delicate flavors. Cheese of this caliber leaves behind a coating of protein on your tongue. In order to combat this texture, the wines that go best with creamy cheeses are typically more acidic or carbonated. These include: Chardonnays, dry Rieslings, sparkling wines, and Pinot Noirs.

Rustic + Earthy

Similar to creamier cheeses like brie, there is a variety of cheese that is similar in texture but a little more distinct in flavor. Goat’s cheeses tend to have a sharper and more rustic taste, often being more nutty, that demands a wine equally as intense. The wines that pair best with goat’s cheeses include: Sauvignon Blancs, Cabernet-Merlots, and Chenin Blancs.

Nutty + Sweet

Nutty cheese that also features creamy textures, like swiss cheese, is one of the most adaptable types of cheese, often pairing well with a more diverse range of wine. While this option is more open to your personal taste preferences, nuttier cheeses do tend to pair a little better with sweeter wines that offer only a moderate amount of acidity. These include: Rieslings, Ports, and sparkling rosés.