Wine Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to finalize those last minute gift purchases. Are there still a few loved ones on your list that you are having trouble buying for? You’re not alone. Everyone usually has a handful of people that are more difficult to buy for than others!

Don’t let this lull in your holiday shopping take you out of your gift-giving spirit. After shopping around, I have made a list of the best gifts you can get that loved one that’s a little harder to shop for. The only precedent: they need to love wine. I know that you have a few wine lovers on your list that would love to add these gifts to their home! So, treat this list as a gift guide for the wine lovers in your life.

Wine Glasses


You can’t enjoy that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for that special occasion – or for a quiet, relaxing evening at home – without the right wine glass. When I saw this set of Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glasses, it was like love at first sight. What first caught my eye was how thin the design of the glass was. I have always said that the less glass there is separating your mouth from the wine, the better! This specific type of glass is meant for full-bodied white wines or soft-bodied red wines. You can find a set of six online at a very affordable price!

Tabletop Corkscrew


This wine opener is as beautiful as it is functional! It has a unique platform that tilts to stabilize the bottle, making opening it effortless for you. It also has a lever that adjusts the opener so that you can open any 750mL or 1.5L bottle. The brass and black appearance makes it look sleek and sophisticated, perfect for a modern home.

Wine Access System


Not sure what flavor profile you are in the mood for? Taste your wine without opening the bottle! Yes, seriously. With the Coravin Model 1 Wine Access System, you can pour yourself a small sample or entire glass of wine without committing to having to finish the whole bottle if it’s not something you are craving at the moment. I would especially recommend this for someone who only enjoys a glass of wine every now and then.

How it works: A non-coring needle is pushed through the cork. You press the trigger, which then pressurizes the bottle, pouring out the wine and filling the bottle with argon gas to preserve the remaining liquid. When removed, the cork reseals itself as if it’s never been opened.

Black Agate Coasters


Protect your coffee table from wine stains with the most stunning coasters I have ever seen! These beautiful black coasters are handmade from natural agate gemstone and edged with 18 kt gold plating. There are four pieces in a set and every piece is unique. These will absolutely become a centerpiece on any coffee or kitchen table!

Be a gift-giving legend and a wine lover’s best friend this holiday with these ideas! If these tips were helpful to you or you’re interested in learning more about wine-related topics, keep checking back in on my blog for new posts.